Nissan 300ZX, Barbara Terry

How many of us enjoyed the first 240Z introduced to us by Datsun? Then one of my favorites rolled off the assembly line, the Nissan 280Z, which was soon followed by the 300Z. Next was the greatest accomplishment by Nissan, in my opinion, the 300Z with new body that came out in 1990. I owned several of these models and of course they were all Black with a black interior (my favorite color combination). I can recall staring at my car for what seemed like hours as it sat glistening in my garage in the middle of the night.

Let’s jump ahead a few years and discuss the fact that the last year Nissan made the 300Z was in 1996. Years later they introduced us to their new 2003 Z model 350. 7 years to give to the Z enthusiasts of the world a sports car that doesn’t make its own statement, because it is so similar to the Lexus Coupe, the Audi TT, the Infinity Coupe and a few other. What a disappointment! The Z car has always expressed its own style its own individual unique sex appeal, why have you let us down like this? If I had the spare time I would fly to Japan and speak with the folks in charge at Nissan. What is your favorite model? The older 2+2, the Turbo, the convertible or the 2 seater coupe? If you have a favorite 350Z style which of the 7 styles is it? I remember driving my 1995 black on black 2+2 and how it always turned heads. Or maybe it was the fact I had my yellow lab hanging out the window on the passenger side of the car with his drool flying freely all over the place.

“Barb’s bottom line” – The Z cars have always made their own unique statement and had always given the other sports car on the road a run for their money. I hope to see a new body style soon with its own individuality and sex appeal.


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