Ford Expedition, Barbara Terry

Dear Barbara Terry,

I enjoy your column and always find something beneficial and interesting, especially since my only and most talented activity in a car is turning on the ignition!

Here is my question. I just purchased a new Ford Expedition, Limited 4×4. I love the truck and hope to put many interesting miles on it as my wife and I really enjoy driving around the country. I thought, however, that the Limited edition would have a feature indicating the “outside air temperature”. The manual shows that some models of the Expedition have that feature, but as I am getting familiar with the truck, I can’t find it. There are three scenarios in the manual and it seems I got the one without that feature.

Is there some after-market device that I can get that would provide me that feature? I had it in the previous car and got used to it.

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Mike and Lorena


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