2014 Toyota Prius, Barbara Terry

2014 Toyota Prius

What, what did you say? Can you please ask me again, I did not understand what you were asking. Oh, you were asking what kind of car this is that I am driving…well, it is a 2014 Toyota Prius!

With an average of 48-51 MPG gas mileage, city verses highway who could have possibly predicted this years ago.

Let’s say you were to drive 10,000 miles a year and even with the gas prices soaring as they are, you would spend under $800.00 on fuel a year.  I have owned gas guzzling SUV’s and pick-up trucks in the past where I spent this much on gas every 2-3 months!

So you ask how safe is it, well IIHS gives the 2014 Toyota Prius a “good” with the side impact test, the roof strength test and the rear crash protection/head restraint test.  A few of the stand-out safety features include being equipped with front and rear head airbags, dual front side-mounted airbags, rear door child safety locks, daytime running lights, brake assist and smart stop technology.

Speaking of stand outs…you will receive free maintenance for 2 years or 25,000 miles, road side assistance for 2 years or 25,000 miles, just with these 2 features you save enough dough to spend it on a vacation each year.

Would I buy a Prius for myself, yes I would! The most important factors to me, fuel economy, safety, space, amazingly cool options, knowing that I am being kind to the environment and of course plenty of room for my Yellow Labrador, Wally.


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